Getting Your Certificate

Please note that employers must attend intercultural competency training before they apply to be designated by the province. If you have NOT yet taken the intercultural competency training, you can learn more about this requirement and find a course near you, here.

If you HAVE completed your intercultural competency training – Congratulations!

Here’s how to get your certificate.

At the end of your intercultural competency training session, the facilitator will share a link to an online evaluation and certificate form.  To receive your certificate, simply complete and submit the form! 

You’ll receive your certificate by email within 72 hours.  The email will be sent from

Can’t find the form?  Contact the facilitator who provided your training to have the link re-sent.

5 Tips for receiving your certificate!

1. ONE Business Name per form
Use the same business name provided in your AIP application.

If you need to put more than one Business Name on a certificate, please contact your province of designation. Provincial contact info can be found in the FAQ.

2. ONE participant name per form

3. Use a work email address

4. Click "Submit!"

5. Check your Spam, Junk and/or Promotions folders

Can’t find your certificate?
You can retrieve it using the same email address that you provided on the online evaluation and certificate form.

Retrieve your certificate!

Is there an error on your certificate? We can help! Contact and we can easily make changes for you.

Did you know? You can add your certificate to your LinkedIn page.  Look for details in your certificate email.

Employers have received their intercultural competency training certificates*
* as of March 31, 2024